HFTalc is here to help you by offering superior seed lubricants at rock bottom prices. We have used these products in our own equipment for well over ten years. Proper seed lubrication with

HFTalc grows your crop and your bottom line in several ways:

-Eases seed flow. Seeds treated with HFTalc products will bridge less and flow smoother, resulting in less equipment damage to the seed.
-Improves seed singulation and movement in the seed tube, helping you achieve even and profitable stands.
-Stretches the life of your equipment. As with other machines, proper lubrication reduces wear in moving parts.

At HFTalc, we believe you should have access to the best products at reasonable prices.
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Talc (vacuum planters)

HFTalc brings you OEM-spec talc for your vacuum planter. Alleviate seed delivery and metering issues and save money with our premium grade, asbestos-free talc.

Available in 25# pails, or get maximum savings with 50# bags. We recommend starting with two ounces per unit and adjusting from there according to varying conditions.
Heavier rates will be required in large or heavily treated seeds, etc.

Graphite (finger & CNH air planters)

Graphite is typically used in Deere and Kinze finger meters, as well as CNH air planters. We simply save you time and money by offering it in larger quantities.

Available in 25# pails and 50# bags. We recommend starting with a teaspoon per unit and adjusting from there.



80/20 Blend (all planters & eSet Meters)

We custom blend 80/20 suitable for use in all planters and all seed sizes.
This blend can work in all meters, but is primarily recommended for Precision Planting meters.

We recommend application starting at approximately one ounce per unit. Available in 25# pails.

Custom Products and Application use

For planters or conditions where standard products may not provide maximum performance, we custom blend to meet your needs. We have blended 20/80, 50/50, 70/30, and 90/10. Just contact us with the ingredient ratio to you prefer.

We package our products for your convenience. If you do not see a package suitable for you, please contact us to see if we can help.
If you have questions about applying our products or need assistance in determining use rates, feel free to contact our friendly staff at any time.



About HF Talc

HFTalc started business as a family farm in South Dakota and has used these products for many years to save money and ease stress at planting time. Our desire is to help you do the same. Now in our third generation on the farm, we understand the need for products that both improve your production and your profit. Meeting your needs is our priority. By developing long-term relationships with suppliers, we can acquire products at lower cost and pass the savings on to you.

Contact HF Talc (Cal Hayenga, Owner)

Call or e-mail us any time. Our friendly staff is here daily to help you. We would be glad to help locate a dealer near you or set up a dealership if there isn’t one close by. We offer volume discounts for dealers and ship nation-wide year-round.

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